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Soon be with us guys, won’t be long before the nerves kick in. Four teams all capable of beating each other, which makes it so exciting. Play as we can, and we will be fine. Whoever wins this will certainly deserve it, what a great weekend it always is, so come on lads, let’s do this together, we need to want it more than anyone else, the Red Army most certainly will. Let’s finish this season with a bang, we are all behind you lads, let’s do this.
Happy Hockey Days


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Will be interesting to see what fan backing we have from other clubs. I think the Steelers fans will be backing us v Panthers.

If we reach the final and it’s v Guildford, I think they’ll get massive backing throughout the arena. Final v Belfast maybe an interesting one to see who our friends are!


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Same here, where's best for Friday night up there? Don't think I'll be starting on the beers too early as Saturday is going to be a long day!
Don’t know mate, I am a old bugger, meal in Piccolinos Italian restaurant, then a few beers. That’s my Friday.[/QUOTE

That sounds perfect to me these days bud. Enough stress and emotion for anyone over next few hours/couple of days! Think I’ll need a few bevvies after the weekend to recover though pal and a dark room as apose to a Dance Room!
For all going to the playoffs either for the long weekend or a single game, I hope everyone together has a fantastic time and sings loud and proud for the whole duration. It’s set to be a cracking weekend weather wise by the looks of things so let’s all enjoy this occasion together and let the boys on the ice hear us above any other supporters. Let’s be behind them every good play, bad play, check, pass, line change, goal and above all RESULT.

For all those not going, it is understood that each and everyone of you would no doubt like to be there and have your own reasons for being unable to make it, but, also you can play your part in sending all your positive thoughts towards the team throughout the day. We are all in this together from the grassroots of the supporters through to the players and off ice team.

Hopefully we can finish with the silverware that everyone within the organisation and club have all worked tirelessly for all season, BUT, irrespective of the results this weekend can we remember that the emotions (hopefully good ones) of the supporters, the club and most definitely the players will be extremely high throughout the weekend and definitely following the results, therefore, it’s important we post not only with our heart but with our head (obviously we need to use our fingers to type before someone chips in with a funny ). Our comments could effect how this forum heads through the off season, hopefully it will be a positive environment.

Enjoy this weekend peeps, it’s like a Christmas for the grown ups with the Anticipation and not knowing what we are going to get. Oh and the expense that comes with it
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Giants get a very nice non-call on a huge boarding early in the first.

But really turned it on in the third. Feel for Guildford, but they’ll be back stronger next year.


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Gutted for the Guildford, looks like it's down to us (hopefully not Nottingham) to stop the Giants getting the first ever proper Eihl Grand Slam....

Come on guys, time to make good. We need 6 periods of 100% now.