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Cardiff vs Coventry back on the pre season calendar, from the Blaze web site....

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze will begin their 2018/19 pre-season campaign with back-to-back fixtures against the reigning Elite League and Playoff Champion Cardiff Devils.

The first meeting will take place at Ice Arena Wales on Saturday 25th August 2018, with the return fixture at the Skydome Arena on Sunday 26th August 2018.
Coventry are one team that can pocket points when you least expect it (reminds me another team who's name escapes me)!! Coventry know our game, and hopefully they will make us work for the puck, win or lose, but hopefully win, so we are ready for the start of the season, so any potential new signings will see and get a feel for how well the league is stacked? After all, we have a reputation and a trophy to defend


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That is only 4 days before the first CHL fixture dates. I guess that Lordo is trying to make the most of the short training period that he mentioned in Copenhagen yesterday.

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