Pride Auction

I think the 50/50 money went to the LGBT Charity, not sure if any of the jersey money did! Watched the first few jerseys go through, seemed to be going for £350-£400.

jimmy snels

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850 is extreme! most of these appear no more than a couple of years later for sale for 50 to 100 quid. each to their own i guess, certainly doesnt hurt me or the club/charity coffers.

personally i loved some of the remembrance sunday jerseys this year from other clubs. i would love to see a real out there one off jersey for this next year if i had a choice.


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The bidding was a bit mad, but they did get socks as well !
I did hear as I was leaving that one guy bought 4... must be made of money:)
I agree with Jimmy, I would like to see a remembrance jersey, I would definitely get some extra SOHB tickets for that one.


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Gimme one of those above... Great jersey, better cause.
Not sure there is such a thing as a "better cause" when dealing with discrimination or remembering the fallen. Better to support both and I'm proud of the initiatives the Devils have taken in that regard over the last two seasons. Sport is for everyone and to preach that message of inclusion for a fan base which has a lot of children and young teenagers, is superb.