Regan Darby jersey?

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I’m after a Darby gamer. I
Imagine I’m probably the only person who would want one(!), but let me know if anyone has one they would like to offload. Thanks. Tommy.
Darby wasn't an outstanding player, but he played with heart, he was also a tough cookie. I'm pretty sure it was him that recommended Brad voth to join us. I've got 120 game worns and would be proud to have one of his jerseys in my collection. He was a class person of the ice as well, a proper team first player
Regan was good friends with Rejean Stringer and recommended that he join us - that was a great move, as Stringer was a fantastic player and influential in securing long awaited silverware - the Challenge Cup in the two-legged final v Coventry. Regan was a proper character and a really nice guy. I have a lot of his jerseys from his previous teams in North America.