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For those who require the translation:

As the "Kronen Zeitung" researched and published today, the Graz99ers already have 18 men under contract for the coming season.

Due to the transfer stop there are currently no confirmations, but the Graz team, like many other teams, should already have the basic structure of their squad together.
Fixed and already confirmed are young goalkeeper Felix Nussbacher, defenders Erik Kirchschläger, Amadeus Egger, Philipp Lindner and strikers Daniel Oberkofler, Travis Oleksuk, Oliver Setzinger, Kevin Moderer, Julian Pauschenwein, Clemens Krainz and Kilian Rappold.
To this end, the new goalkeeper Ben Bowns, who was announced several weeks ago, is said to have signed on. It comes from the Cardiff Devils to the Mur. Thomas Höneckl should no longer be an issue.

In Defense you have to accept the departure of Kalle Johansson and Robin Weihager, who would have liked to stay, Charlie Dodero is said to have already signed a new working paper. Mario Altmann's transfer, which was speculated weeks ago, has also been underway for a long time.
On the offense, Ken Ograjensek, Dominik Grafenthin and Lukas Kainz are likely to have renewed their contracts. In addition, Joel Broda is a new scorer on the Mur. Zintis Zusevics has not received a new contract (at least so far).


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If this is true, as seems very likely, then good luck to him. It's just a pity that his last game was a loss and he didn't get a proper send off. Early on in this thread Jackson whistle was suggested as a possibility. I think he'd work as a backup, but we'd need to give him some games with a very high quality number one to do the heavy lifting and develop whistle. Teams need to move on from relying on a single goalie - the season is just too hard now. Maybe Friday will be a goalie to allow Graz to make their announcements.