Saltbox afterparty vids?

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Firstly, that was literally one of the best weekends of my life. I agree with all points made in the main thread about how amazing this team has been the last few years but just wanted to add one thing that I don't think has been mentioned yet. I was AMAZED when the lads showed up at Saltbox with the CUP after the game and literally handed it to all the fans to hold and take pictures with. It was great having a chat with the players and getting our jerseys signed.
How cool is it to have a sport and a team that are that intimate with their fans?
Finally, Devils fans are the best! I only came up as a group of two but felt like I knew everyone in the bar by the end of the night.

The bar-staff trying to get everyone out after singing the 500th round of "don't take me home" was hilarious.

Anyone have any good vids of the night? I thought the players might have put something up on twitter/insta but no such luck (my phone had died).


Paul Sullivan

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I shot some video in the bar for the celebrations. Currently working on the (potentially first) video edit to celebrate the playoff win, which will include some clips from there. There may be something more conclusive coming in the pipeline, also.