Signed Pucks for sale

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Hi all,

I’ve came here as I think it’s only right that Devils fans should get the first refusal. My father is currently in Hospital and has asked me to sell his old pucks, Includes players:

Steve Thornton 16
Steve Moria 19,
Mario Simone 20,
Frank Evans 11,
Derek Heleofsky 31,
Stefan Ziesche 39,
Merv Priest 23,
Nicky Chinn 17,
10 Jason Stone,
70 Martin Lidman,
21 Ian McIntyre,
Brent Pope 4

All signed, some on used match pucks.

Great bit of history. Id like to sell them but not sure of the true value. He’d be looking for roughly £5 per puck. If anyone is interested please let me know.
IMG_3711.jpg IMG_3712.jpg
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