Steelers v Giants


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The Steelers played the perfect game against the Giants, they harassed them from the beginning, never gave them anytime to settle, and matched their physicality. If you stop that rat Rutherford, and his partner Murphy your halfway there. Steelers are now a match for anyone when they play like they did Sunday, they could have taken Saturdays game, and learnt from their mistakes. The new coach is doing wonders with that team, they are first to the puck, back each other up, and play for 60 mins, they made a very good team look pretty average last night, Belfast do not like to be hassled, they like to control a game to suit them, give them no time and it throws them out, Steelers now believe in themselves and it shows in their play. Sunday for us is huge, we need to outgun them, outrun them, and be brutal, both teams play Wednesday with Giants travelling to Dundee, we then have the Saturday off, where the Giants take on Guildford at Guildford before we both meet Sunday, this is our chance to claw out a 4 pointer, but anything less than the perfect road game will be a real bummer. Steelers showed these guys are beatable, and they really are beatable.