steelers Vs Devils - CC Semi - 23rd Feb 22


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Hot on the heels of their shootout win on Sunday, Devils are back to the 'house of tin' for Challenge Cup Semi Final action with the winner earning themselves a place in the final against Belfast (or Nottingham, but probably Belfast) . Face off is at 7.30 and will be shown on Premier Sports for those not making the trip. If you are making the trip don't forget your chocolate confectionery to make Brent Walton smile and the Sheffield Fun Police scowl.


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So how do we see this game being played out?
Steelers are in reality in a 2 horse race for the league with Belfast catching up.
The CC brings nothing with it just the cup itself.
Will steelers go all out to win it at any expense or will they come out with caution knowing the position of the league?
They wouldn't want injuries or suspensions at this point in the season, the same as Belfast in their game, the league more important than CC with a CHL place at stake.
Every team likes to win trophies but is this trophy worth putting the team on the line from steelers point of view?
Steelers saturday game is hit or miss Panthers in fourth place.
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Steelers will take the same attitude as us, you need to go out there to win every game. Try gambling and there’s only one winner, they are too clever for that nonsense. Wednesday will be about two teams wanting to win, nothing else wanting to win.


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Every team goes out to play, how much effort is put up depends on the wants and needs of the club, the owners. It’s a business, never forget that and as such it’s main goal is money. So that dictates risks, why risk injuries, suspensions and more importantly fitness on a game that brings nothing more if it potentially jeopardises a game that’ll bring success & financial reward.
How l see this game, Cardiff will want it and Sheffield will want to stop us. Sheffield and Belfast are in better positions league wise but also team wise. We’ve been through every type of performance, from sublime to pathetic, Sheffield not so much, not perfect but certainly in a more rounded, controlled manner. My head says they won’t come out all guns straight away, my heart hopes they do because that’s when we are more dangerous. It be interesting and l guess depends on how much the boss wants the CC and the bragging rights, winning all three titles l believe will be Sheffield’s aim, but you never know, they may just make it look like the better team won.


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I agree with you, bigger fish to fry in league and playoffs.
Think they'll go out to do just enough without maximum effort.


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I think Steelers will come out hurt and angry. Could be a big defeat if we don’t match that intensity. Same aggression required as yesterday.


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This should be a thriller of a game. Sheffield will still be annoyed at dropping a point on the weekend and will probably have their eyes on a grand slam this year. Regardless of people’s views of the CC trophy, it’s still a trophy at the end of the day and both teams will want to get a step closer to it. Let’s go Devils!


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I'm gonna guess 3-1 not sure who will take it but the steelers haven't had a bad run this season and they have to be due a run of bad games, we've had more than our fair share of bad runs this season hoping the hockey gods are in our favour though.


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Play to our full potential and we can take this, anything less and we could be in trouble, let’s hope for a great entertaining game Carruth has to be on fire, the D need to be rock solid, and our speedsters and goalscorers need to bring their A game, if we have the right chemistry tonight we will be fine. So let’s do this lads.


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Whenever there are two back to back big games against the same opponent it's interesting to see how tactics change between the two matches. The Steelers won't have been happy with two scoreless period the first time around, and particularly with the consequences. They might think that in a more open game they'll have more firepower.

I wonder also whether they'll have spent the last couple of days analysing carruth for weaknesses. I wonder whether unexpectedly giving kozun the start might upset their plans, or if the confidence in carruth is such that we'd play him no matter what. At the other end, I can't see them starting brust again, but in the early games rok had a 5 hole and lateral movement issue, so maybe we might try to exploit that.

I can't see us approaching this all guns blazing. I expect to see if soaking some pressure up and maybe looking to get something on the break or draw a few penalties. I don't know why, but I just have a feeling that tonight could be a big one for Brandt.