Team GB vs Romania


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A pity freesports managed to lose the feed with 53 seconds left in a one goal game. GB need to get a lot more clinical around the net. They're going to be playing a lot better position than Romania over the next few months.

terry hunt

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I thought Bowns might have got a bit bored with so few shots.
He seemed to be suffering from the Devils problem with their forwards getting behind the GB defence and blocking his sight lines.
Great goalie for Romania good backup for the Devils next season maybe.
Is there any more news on Taff Ellery?


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Taffy is fine, just a mark on his cheek. #Warrior. The game itself I thought was very positive considering these guys have only had two days prep. There were times during that game when we looked like we were on permanent PP. Great to see MM8 get on the score sheet.


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Weirdly happy to meet someone wearing a Leeds Chiefs top at the games yesterday. Lots of positives but somehow that was a highlight... like someone getting a new puppy!


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In the first period, we played really well.
could have had a few goals in that period, the romania goalie had a cracking game. though
a lot of good points to take from that game and hopefully we will get even better in the next game.


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Really entertaining game to watch, so good to have a GB team that is both skillfull and great to watch, well played lads, same again please.