Terracing In EIHL?

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I'm not sure if this has been discussed on here, With the Devils selling out games weekly as of recent years and people being unable to get a ticket on match night or the week of. Would safe Terracing as seen in Sweden and other Euro leagues work in IAW and other EIHL Rinks? as a person who always stands up during games and formerly a Grange End kid at Ninian Park watching city i loved terracing and i believe it would solve the problem i often see people mention on here of a flat atmosphere, and maybe allow an extra 50-100 to the ticket allocation.


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This is a great idea but I wonder what the cost would be - both capital investment and running cost (at least extra stewards). At, say, £15 a ticket the club would be lucky to generate £50k per annum assuming the 100 extra tickets per game do sell out.

It does not look like it would generate a return on investment which is essential for the club's future


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Where would you put the terracing?
Cant go in the front, it would block the view lines of the first few rows.
Cant go behind seating, would block the walkway
Cant go up by cameras not enough room
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The only place i could think is in the corner to the left of the away supporters similar to the corner in the vida arena.


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Terracing in Europe is traditional, also they have bigger arenas, and probably different rules. Most fans here want to sit with uninterrupted views, also kids standing would see zilch. Anyway our gaff is a no no for terracing. Myself I dont even like the idea.
I don't think our rink set up suits terracing. What might would is standing behind the back row. It shouldn't impede too much on the walkway, and even if it did, the fire exits are on the bottom level anyway. Could even put some bar type thing in to lean or put your pint on. That would add a few hundred.


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Where would you put the terracing?
Cant go in the front, it would block the view lines of the first few rows.
Cant go behind seating, would block the walkway
Cant go up by cameras not enough room
There’s *loads* of room up on the gantry...you’d get 2000 up there, easy. Put a bar up there as well, with a lounge area. You’d have room for a creche as well.

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I personally would love standing. I think we should remove all seats in block 4 or block 5 (depending on numbers wanting to stand) and add terracing. This would be good as all the loud lot could stand together, making as much noice as possible whilst taunting the opposing goaltenders. It would be like a boomerang corner in Belfast. The club would find it hard to move the fans that have bought season tickets in those blocks, but may be they could be offered a small reduction on their new seats. I think long term this would be great move to improve the atmosphere at games aswell.
Perhaps I am being a little selfish, but I sit in Block 5. I sat in this area in the Blue Tent and the WNIR, so I wouldn’t want to move, whateverI was offered. The same goes for many other fans and Season ticket holders who chose to sit in Blocks 4 and 5.
Where would we end up sitting as I prefer to sit at this end to which the devils play towards twice, and I know that the fans in Block 2 - 7 and other Blocks can quite adequately taunt the opposing netminder from our seats without having to stand on terracing to do it.


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A rink with a good terrace area is terrific. Very popular on mainland Europe, and they have the best/noisiest crowds in the world.

But I just can't see how it would work in IAW unfortunately, as much as I would love it too.
It may be popular on mainland Europe but unfortunately British Safety of Sports Grounds Guidlines recommend safe seating and IAW was designed and built in reference to those guidelines
I know this isn't terracing and I have no construction knowledge of any kind but this place looks the same size as IAW but with that extra tier of seating, again just dreaming maybe and I have no idea about construction or what weight loads the existing foundations and that can take but it would still be cool to have (I also don't know if I've uploaded the picture properly either, it's the Matthews arena in Boston)



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We can all dream but let’s face it, we can’t even get the scoreboard finished off, never mind terracing or another layer of seats!