Top 7 EIHL Defensemen ...

jimmy snels

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due respect to fournier at this point whos a terrific devil, but weller was the best D man who ever played in the league imho!! I'd also put tyson typlitski and hotham ahead in EIHL era


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Kip Noble and Lindman were never EIHL players.

Hotham is the number 1 EIHL defenseman for me with no one else even close. Weller included.


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That list is so stupid.

Obviously it's a fan vote though so to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Andrew Hotham missing off this list is frankly baffling; they should do a fan vote, GM's vote & EIHL vote and compare it!!!


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Who has the most all star team appearances, I'm sure Hotham has been there 3 times and Joey Martin 4 which is probably top or very close.