Trey Lewis leaves


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He has left the blaze and retired from the sport due to injury,

Stewart says he has a replacement already lined up and ready to sign.

How so quick?
Why do lord take forever to get someone?


I’ve not been keeping tabs on Blaze now we don’t play them every week but remember we have a full roster so the imperative isn’t there and we have the luxury (barring injury or another player leaving) to take our time.


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I’m the eternal sceptic, never believing the social media stance many partake in, by which I’m meaning that annoying trait of showing your perfect life, business, partner or whatever for all too see, sometimes the more perfect it appears, the less perfect it actually is.
In this case a club signing a replacement player quickly, without making the point players are approaching them for spots on the team, to one that doesn’t recruit quickly whilst posting players are...........
Actions are greater than cheap talk.