Captains Blog - Part 3

24th Jan 2013 | Posted by Stuart Macrae

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Hello Devils fans I hope 2013 is treating everyone well thus far. Last week was a slow week for us on the ice with only the one game which I will touch on later. Off the ice however it was quite eventful!

All the guys were sad to see Phil return to Norway. He was a great guy and an awesome teammate a real pleasure to be around at the rink every day. I know Phil is very fond of Cardiff and especially all of the team supporters, it was not an easy move for him to make but sometimes these things happen. I know all the guys are wishing him well with his new club.

So we found ourselves in the unenviable situation of being down a goaltender! Franny and G did a magnificent job in getting a replacement. It is not easy to bring in a goaltender at this stage of a season, there just aren’t that many of them out there. For them to sign in a goalie like Chris at this stage of the game and with only a week to do it, I don’t think we could have hoped for better, hats off to them!

I have just come from training and meeting our new goalie, he looked sharp and is excited to be here even after a long travel day and arriving late the previous night. I am familiar with him from last year but also played against him in the states when he played for Allen. I think he will be a great fit for us!

Keeping with the topic of goalies I have to give a shout out to my buddy Joe the Goalie. I imagine it has to be tough to step right into a starting position when you haven’t done it all season! Practice is fine but you just can’t replicate the speed of game situations. I must say he did a fantastic job, he shut them out in the third period but unfortunately we couldn’t cash in on our chances to get that final goal we needed. It would have been great to get him the win but all in all it was an excellent job by Myzee.

This coming weekend should be a good weekend of hockey, we haven’t played Sheffield in quite a while and it always makes for an entertaining game so I am really looking forward to that one. Then the following night we have a chance to knock of the league leaders. Hopefully we can get a good crowd in for that one and send everyone home happy with a great game and two points for the Devils!

That is about all for me this week, I must mention it is great to see the NHL back especially with my Leafs sitting at 2-1, could this be the year? Stay tuned!

Also I may get in trouble for this but I was happy to see Swansea advance to the Final of the Capital One Cup, I think it is great publicity for Wales to have a team taking center stage in the football world. Hilly and Benny went down to the game I think the battery in my phone must have been dead because I never got the call to head down. Either that or they just wanted a little time to go over Tony Hand’s neutral zone forcheck, I’m not sure.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you at the rink this weekend!


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