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6th Aug 2012 | Posted by The Inferno

Last week saw the Devils fill their last roster slot ahead of the new season with Defence man Jamie Milam we managed to catch up with Jamie after a few emails and a call to the US.

Jamie comes to the Devils with a wealth of experience and one very explosive slap shot. Milam spent a short period of time playing with current Devils captain Stuart MacRae in the ECHL before making a move to Europe which has seen him spend time in Denmark and Sweden before heading back to the states and then briefly back to Europe.Milam 1

Jamie’s second term in Europe was cut short due to the team not making the playoffs but Milam headed back with a chance of a championship which happened in his full year with Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs. Another move to Fort Wayne Komets also brought another championship for Milam and he's hoping to continue this success with the Devils.

We caught up with Jamie to talk about what attracted him to Cardiff, his proudest achievements to date as a pro player and his highly rated slap shot

The Inferno- First off can we ask What attracted you to the Devils ? Have you heard much about the team and the City ?

Jamie Milam - I liked what past and present players had to say about the club and the city when first being approached to join the team. My brother went to Phil Osaer's wedding this past spring and told me it was a good time and I would fit in well here.

The Inferno- Everything we've seen in the press says that you’re a “specialist on the point” with a “killer shot” have you spoken to the coach about what he expects from you with regards the Power play? This seems to be an area that the Devils don't quite get firing will you fix this ?

Jamie Milam - The Power Play has been a strong point in my game. I see the ice well and I have been told I have a good shot. Specifically my one-timer. It is my understanding that I was brought to Cardiff to help quarterback the PP and open up some room for my team mates by using my shot.

The Inferno- We’ve heard that at one team you played at you were banned from shooting in practice ? Can you tell us a little bit about this ?

Jamie Milam - I have injured more than one player in games by hitting them with my shot in the feet and ankles. Therefore to keep my team mates out of harm I wasn't allowed to take one-timers. The goalies didn't mind haha

The Inferno- Have you planned your date arrival in Cardiff as yet ? What level of training have you be doing in the off season to stay sharp ?

Jamie Milam - Right now I am in the process of getting my visa. So I will know when I come in a few days. I skate regularly in the summer starting in June and workout regularly to stay in shape.

The Inferno- What’s been your best moment as a pro hockey player to date?

Jamie Milam - The past two seasons I have been lucky enough to play for two great teams. A team mate and I have won back to back championships. The first one was surreal, I didn't know how to celebrate properly. The second one I was much better prepared for...

The Inferno- What do you consider the strongest part of your game and what one aspect if your game would you like to improve - and why? We know you’re an offensive defenceman who can jump into the play how does that effect your defensive play ?

Jamie Milam - Transition from D to offense is a strong part of my game.. and my shot. I make strong plays with the puck and can find areas behind the play to get open in on the rush. My defense isn't lacking I play a steady game and block shots well. My skating is the thing I would like to improve the most so I can have better gaps.

The Inferno- Who's the best D man you've lined up with and best forward you've played against?

Jamie Milam - I played against Zac Parise about 10 years ago in a tournament in Calgary. He is a very good player. The best D man i have played against.. I don't know. If summer hockey counts haha. Nick Lidstrom skated with me last summer and it was fun to watch even in a summer skate, what kind of plays he could make with ease.

The Inferno- You’ve played in America and on the continent, what’s the best arena you've played in for atmosphere and what been the most intimidating rink you've played in?

Jamie Milam - The Atmosphere last season in Fort Wayne was amazing in the playoffs. Especially when we won... The most intimidating rink is probably the old rink in Toledo. Very small with the fans right on top of you. Freezing too.

The Inferno- You've played most of your career in the US apart from a short time in Europe. How did you find the transition from the North American style of hockey to the way it's played in Europe? You left Thurgau during the 10-11 season, was this due to season ending or something else that cropped up

Jamie Milam - The transition is easier coming over then coming back. I like the more skilled game that the big ice surface offers. The team in Thurgau didn't make the playoffs and I had an opportunity to go back to the states and finish the season there.

The Inferno- You played a few years back with current Devils captain Stuart Macrae- good memories playing on the same team as him and looking forward to linking up once again?

Jamie Milam - We were together only for a couple months in Gwinnette. He was a rookie then. I am excited to see what kind of player he has turned into. I thought he was a good player back then and I understand he has developed his game quite well. Should be fun learning to play off each other again...Milam 3

The Inferno- Will you be coming up against anyone in the EIHL that you have played against in the past, and if so, any scores to settle maybe?

Jamie Milam - Former team mate from Fort Wayne Bobby Chaumont in Scotland will be fun to muck it up with. Shaun Limpright ( Oh really! Inferno) and Jon DeCaro in Sheffield. and my partner from Shreveport Jimmy Jorgensen. Its going to be fun chirping them all.

The Inferno- Have you made plans for when you hang your skates up? Will you be studying while you’re here in Cardiff at all ?

Jamie Milam - No studying this year. No plans yet. At some point though I am sure those thoughts will creep into my head. But for now I will just try to stay healthy.

The Inferno- With your brother playing in Czech league at the moment, would you like to join up with him in the future?

Jamie Milam - It would be great if we were to ever play together. We had the opportunity to play against each other in college and it was pretty cool. My mom always said if we played that she hoped his team won and that I scored a goal. Sure enough her wish came through.

The Inferno- Anything else you would like to add?

Jamie Milam - I am excited to join the Devils. I hope I fit in well and can have a successful season.. From what I know it seems like Cardiff is my kind of city. I look forward to a lot of fun and hopefully a championship. I am definitely excited to start the season and look forward to meeting the fans.

We'd like to thank Jamie for taking the time to speak to us and look forward seeing him in action at the end of the month !


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