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    Goodbye Bownsy??

    Wots Ben got in common with Stone Larkin and Kempo they are all headlining the website!
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    I can get you one will you be at playoffs
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    POFW tickets 10am THIS sunday? - Poll

    Going part of the way towards the hole left by not qualifying for the challenge cup semi's!!
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    Can anyone stop Belfast?

    nicely edited
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    Devils Vs Växjö Lakers - Tue 16 Oct - CHL

    All I can say about the three Chl games home games this year, is 'worth every penny'!
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    SC Bern V NJ Devils spoiler alert result given

    Having just watched the repeat on freesports thought I'd put this out there 1/9/18 Cardiff Devils take SC Bern to overtime in close game to lose 2-3. 1/10/18SC Bern take New Jersey Devils to overtime in a close game to go down 2-3.
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    Anyone noticed Marv's twitter suddenly gone protected. Could he be one of the one's Sheffield are talking to .
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    Game Night Parking

    very expensive £170!!
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    Game Night Parking

    As travelling from distance, we were on the the road and didn't see twitter feed. Any idea what the fine is. Same here if I get a ticket will never purchase Morrison's food or petrol again. Ho hum could turn out to be expensive pre-season mistake.
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    Not wanting to be pre-emptive,but what could be more fitting for Mark Richardson after giving up his testimonial year for Matzka than a GOLD MEDAL to go with league and playoff medals.Fingers crossed for#17
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    just hope one of those on Monday is Bownsey cause he's selling himself
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    DAVOS Fan Behaviour

    Looks like I may have upset some people with my facebook post but I posted it as how I saw it. We where sat at the back of block 13 across the aisle from the Davos fans, which at the start I was having second thoughts about. Yes the ones down the front two rows were more intense (where the...
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    Devils v HC Davos - Sun 3 Sept - CHL - FO 6pm

    posted a short video on Elite league banter page give you an idea of what they can't see!!
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    Yeah, quite right he wasn't developed here, it was the English flag on elite prospects got me thinking
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    I did put it down to that myself but he is under 23