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    This years shirts

    Well, shit, I got long arms and a pretty big neck so guess I gotta go up a size or two. Cheers both for the info
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    This years shirts

    Any idea of what the sizing is like on these, compared to say chl/league of previous years.
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    Lord wins

    Some highlights
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    New CHL Jersey

    So this is the Max Boyce special edition then? :)
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    Lord wins radio link for game on now
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    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Dec 19 - League (4.30 FO)

    Myers for me, lost at least one battle on the boards and took a penalty. Must be thinking of his testimonial too much. /s But seriously, coventry's style of play means you have be wary of them. Tonight as a team we were outbattled, missed many passes and we had too much of a gap between our...
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    Josh Batch Returns

    JD interview with Batch. Does this mean that we will see more of him (JD) this season? I still miss the mid week catchups between JD and Lordo from a few seasons back.
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    GB vs France

    Amazing Result. I do think that the scheduling (of france having to play late last night) helped us a lot but a great, never say die performance from the lads.
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    CHL and flags

    Done and with Steve King + others donating that takes us up to £700 :)
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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas to each and every one.
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 1 Dec 18 - League

    Goal corrected to Duggan. Now hoping that sheffield win both their games this weekend. (never typed that before)