Paul Crowder


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Great start to the season for Fife, averaging 2.5 pts per game in the EIHL.

Hope this one doesn't come back to bite us.


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A good player that we didn't see the best of. Lord chased him for a few years. Showed glimpses of what he could do but I don't think the year out did him any favours. Looks like this year he's back to his normal self.


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Crowder to me is a good player, watching him he looks lethargic, bordering on can’t be arsed,but there is a end product. Good signing by Fife, more ice time more production.


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I think his skating style gave the look that he was a bit lazy, but in terms of speed and power he certainly was no slouch. And that neck as well, jeez, never seen a neck like that on a human before.


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But he did put up 26 points, not defending the bloke, but some of his goals were ball breakers. No disrespect to piggsy as he is a true devil, but he wouldn’t have contributed those.

jimmy snels

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id rather watch someone whos busting his ass than crowder. im all for not ragging on individuals too hard when their here but id have hoped we could do better than him as he was completely average. our replacements on forwards are an upgrade this season.
He was good, and I liked him, but wasn't heartbroken to see him go. And I'd take any of our newbies over him if I had to make the tough choice.

That said I wish him all the best in Fife - except when he's playing against us, of course!


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Paul Crowder - the breakdown
GP 9
PTS 13

Goals 2
Assists 5
2nd assists 6

Number of games without a point - 3

Goals -
Even Strength -1
Empty Net - 1

Even Strength - 4
Powerplay - 1

2nd Assists
Even Strength - 2
Power Play - 4

Also to note is he's playing on their top line with Bloodoff & Finucci (Both had 27 goals last year).

What does all this show? absolutely nothing, just wanted to have a nose at his production to be honest.

In Crowders time with the Devils he was limited to killing off penalties or very limited ice time on the 3rd/4th unit. He's being used heavily in the Fife top units and PP outfit, so more points is a given.

I wasn't sad to see him leave us, but he was given a role to play on our team that he did pretty well at.


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His point production per game is the highest in the entire league at the moment!
Will be interesting to see how he performs this season after only coming back into the sport last year.


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Interesting how he appeared to be a role player on our team, chipping in for the bottom 6, but given the time with top players on a top unit on another good team he is firing on all cylinders.


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Aww please dont all start saying crowder is really good.
He was terrible last season amd we all wanted him gone. Simple
I didn’t think he was terrible. Took him a while to get match fit having been out and though does not possess speed (which I presume is why he was let go due to CHL) as others say once he had the puck teams found it hard to get it from him.

He’s a top six player in Fife and a regular on the PP and his current points production is showing how good a player he is in this league
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He has told fife press he prefers fife over Cardiff and is glad he made the choice to join them.
Cardiff didn’t give him the ice time he needed,
Fife has a better atmosphere than here.

And there’s lots more to do in fife for families than Cardiff..

Now is he taking the piss or what??