Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League


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Devils are travelling to the O this weekend for a double header against Belfast. Points are needed from both games if we hope to keep up with Sheffield.


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Bit worried about tonight to be honest. I think Wednesday night might have taken a lot out of us mentally and physically and it’s a pretty quick turnaround. I also think Belfast will be really fired up for this weekend after being humiliated in the challenge cup. Hope I’m wrong


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Looking forward to the webcast, commentry aside, can’t stand listening to Howling Wolf, so come on Defense give the screamer no reason to scream. As always it’s going to be two tough games, let’s hope our A team show up, as that’s exactly what we will need. I expect Giants to come out hitting and trying to take an early advantage, massive two games these that will have a big bearing on the league prospects. Come on lads, let’s do this.
We’ll see . People asked me if I was serious when I posted in august that steelers will win league by 8, probably only win it by 6 though
I apologise to the forum police and the miserable old gits for posting score predictions and league title predictions on a public forum, my bad


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So why are you saying we have to win, when you are a Steelers fan. Unless of course your reasons are of the wind up type.
We're starting the final run in now, if we want to win the league and really keep the pressure on the steelers (and also get back the 2 games the giants took over here) then anything less than 2 wins would be a disappointment, we need to stay right on their heels so when they do drop any points were right there breathing down their necks