Paul Ragan no longer Owner of the Steelers?


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Sorry to start a new thread but it could be quite a big development.

a Poster on THF who has had quite a lot to do with the EIHL right in the past is suggesting that Paul Ragan is no longer owner of the Steelers.

If true would everyone be happier?


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If true I think it would make a lot of fans happy on both sides. Would allow Paul Ragan to focus 100% on Cardiff and let Sheffield get back to having financial disasters on their own.


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It would also make the Sheffield fans forum rather less exciting. The sharpened pitchforks will not be needed now I suspect.

My only doubt would be why it was not announced last night - from a PR point of view it would have diffused a lot of anger.
When asked about "Motormouth" last night, he did say that was for the management at Sheffield to deal with, which sounded a little strange at the time.


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Yes. He was doing very well until he bought the Steelers. I'm sure he would again.

I actually texted a friend this morning to say I had a feeling this might happen going from the tone of the forum last night and the things PR had said about the Steelers.

Here's hoping.
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RUMOUR: Speculation is increasing that Rhino Sports owner Tony Smith is in the process of taking over the Sheffield Steelers from Paul Ragan


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Am I imagining things or wasn't Tony Smith announced as a co-owner of the Devils last season? I remember a collective moan about the quality of Rhino's shirts...


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Dickie Dunn said:
Finny said:
Dickie Dunn said:
IF PR has "SOLD" the steelers, then it is only half of the club as the Elite league own the other half of it
Has this always been the case?


OK you got me, if you believe Hockileaks, but there has been no other news / sources to say other wise
Ah, I must have missed that update. Bob seems to be busy telling jokes on there at the moment for some reason.