Rumour mill


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Talking of Nostra, just wondering where the old scallywag is at the moment!

Seems to be a common occurrence - drops into the forum for a few days, knocks out some unfounded inflammatory posts then disappears!
Think he popped back over to France, probably meeting up with some old friends, Archimedes, Galilao, Einstein, and Quasimodo.


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Wonder how the French trip went, anyway Nostra is back, he’s on the right track, he’s on the right track he’s back. Anyway he said September we will be back to normal so that’s something to look forward to.


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There's some real nastiness developing on here again. Would be nice to see some more positive comments considering the miserable circumstances. Glad we have two Joey's back. Those guys are a treat to watch and I for one take them for granted on a regular basis. Hopefully a sign of a strong roster to come.